Will Bono and U 2 save the world?

In still yet another example of bleeding heart liberals generously distributing other people's money (opm) as they see fit while carefully keeping their own, Irish rocker Bono and his group U 2  moved their multi, multi million dollar music empire headquarters from broke Ireland to the Netherlands in  2006 to avoid paying his native land's high taxes.  As one of the band members explained to England's Daily Mail  The Edge has admitted: 'Of course we want to be tax-efficient - who doesn't?' Tax efficient eh?  But they're a group that Last year, U2 members were the highest-earning musicians in the world, raking in approximately £80 million.  (snip) The band's manager, Paul McGuinness, has previously claimed: 'U2 is a global business and pays taxes globally... at least 95 per cent of U2's business takes place outside of Ireland and as a result the band pays many different kinds of taxes all over the world.' How generous.  But...(Read Full Post)