Why Libs do Not Deserve a Pass on Ethics Scandals

Lib TV Hosts Lawrence O'Donnell explained that Congressman Weiner and other Libs that get caught up in scandal deserve a pass because they don't preach against immoralities, but Republicans do preach and therefore they need to be held to a higher standard. This argument is flawed for many reasons: Not every Republican campaigns on moral issues, and I don't recall Democrats campaigning that having an affair is an acceptable thing. Therefore, why have different standards for Democrats vs. Republicans? If having an affair or any moral shortcoming is ok, why do Democrat politicians mostly hide it and/or lie about it before it goes public? Obviously, it is wrong regardless how you are on the campaign trail. Therefore, if it is wrong, live up to the music when it hits the fan despite having a D after your name. Just because a politician doesn't care about morals doesn't mean the nation needs to have in leadership people that are mocked worldwide and people that can be...(Read Full Post)