Why Did John Boehner Play Golf With President Obama?

I hate it when politicians play golf.  This is a non-partisan sentiment; I'm a voter, over-taxed and worried about my kids' future, and to me, golf vividly identifies politicians with a kind of repulsive back-slapping, fat cigar, out-of-touch jetsetting.  But I'm also a sometime GOP operative and public relations advisor who's seen his share of good and bad candidates and bad optics, and I've been scratching my head over Speaker John Boehner's round of golf with the President.  I know, I know. I should lighten up. "Golf has a grand tradition in politics!" Even the AP was amused and used the phrase of the day: " put partisanship aside." (Aww! Look at the post-partisanship!) I get it.  No doubt hard-hitting discussions and teambuilding were happening out there, in addition to spending five plus hours whacking a little white ball with a stick, plus cocktails afterwards.  Maybe something like this: Boehner: "Show me the line, Barry.  My ball's right in front...(Read Full Post)