Where is Gilad Schalit?

In marking yesterday's fifth anniversary of French-Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit's abduction, Hamas has released photos of a Palestinian actor evoking images of 'Shalit at old age' looking thru prison bars. The pictures include symbolic messages with a hanging photo of Israeli navigator Ron Arad, who has been missing in action for 25 years, and several written messages on the cell wall that are supposed to be from Schalit to Israel. These are taunting words, words of abandonment, rescue pleas at any price, and 'I miss Mom', poking fun and pointing to his fate to be the same as Ron Arad's. This seems to be the best that Hamas has come up with in response to a growing demand to prove that Gilad Schalit is still alive. It has been five years since Hamas terrorists tunneled into an IDF post, killed two Israeli soldiers and kidnapped Gilad Schalit. Any proof of Schalit's life has been given only in exchange for the release of Israeli-held terror-prisoners and that ended in 2009. The...(Read Full Post)