Where do we go to get our reputations back?

After Obama has been defeated, and we have a president of quality in the White House that we can trust to obey the Constitution once again, how will America as a nation, and all of us as Americans, restore our reputations? In 2008 having elected and given immense power to a person with no experience, no school records, no verifiable birth certificate, and paying lawyers millions  to keep these details of his history secret. What kind of a people or country born in freedom would be so careless as to take such a risk? How do we explain these errors in judgment to our children and  grand children, and the world? We have let this man and his group of revolutionaries harm this nation and the entire world in no small way. How do we make amends for letting such things happen?  How do we explain to our children and grandchildren why we elected a stranger who spent their future income trying to build a socialist system that left them with trillions of dollars of debt to pay, and...(Read Full Post)