What's important about Weinergate...And what's not

Regular readers of American Thinker know that our coverage of the Weinergate scandal has been thorough, but lacking the wall to wall coverage of some other conservative sites. The fact that we received no complaints of which I'm aware shows that our readers are smarter than the press. The media frenzy on the scandal has been so over the top that one could be forgiven if they believed the future of the republic hung on whether Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was telling the truth about being hacked, or whether - as it turned out - he is a lying, pathetic, creepy, predatory sexual libertine with the appetites of an incubus and the morals of an alley cat. The question isn't whether Weiner is a bomb throwing, ranting, unthinking liberal partisan caught in a juicy scandal but whether his sexual peccadillos rise to a level that justified the media coverage in the press and on many conservative websites. The answer is yes...and no. It was nice of Mr. Weiner to present his neck so willingly and...(Read Full Post)