Weiner reported to be resigning (update: he's gone)

Update: in a Brooklyn press conference marked by heckling, Weiner bade farewell to office -- for now. He left open the door to future public service (it is a mark of the man's degradation of the public discourse that even this conventional phraase takes on off color overtones), meaning, I suppose, that he could run in 2012, as a recovered and wiser man. Oh brother! Some interesting analysis from former Congressman Artur Davis (via Politico): Weiner learned a brutal set of lessons about the chemistry of Washington politics. First, rank-and-file House members are expendable: the House is not the club that is the Senate, where personal relationships are more durable and there is an institutional aversion to pushing a member out. Second, unlike Charlie Rangel, Weiner had no race card to play. Finally, the Bill Clinton rule of survival applies best to second-term presidents with 65 percent approval ratings and a track record of 7.5 percent GDP growth. And of course, Weiner got caught not...(Read Full Post)