Weiner is no Tiger Woods

Some time back a true American hero, Tiger Woods, fell from grace as the result of an alcohol and possibly drug-induced incident that brought his many infidelities out into the glaring light of the mainstream media. His downfall was immediate and profound. The handsome, glamorous multi-ethnic  champ who had unprecedented broad appeal across all demographics was suddenly America's most in-your-face philanderer. A man who had it all, great golfing talent which earned him tens of millions, a beautiful wife and darling kids, tossed it all over in the blink of an eye because he failed to think of the consqeuences of his actions. So why do I bring up all this old news? Because I think Anthony Weiner may be looking at other famous philanderers like Tiger and seeing how they rode it out and restored their careers. There's a problem with that line of thinking though Anthony: America liked Tiger and his infectious smile; they distinctly do not like you and your infected sneer. You gotta...(Read Full Post)