Commies on parade

Two generations after the communists began to seriously infect the American public education system, communists proudly flaunt their leftist idealism and hatred for all things traditionally American. Two generations publicly schooled to be more "sensitive" to the position of others, especially leftists, has finally resulted in the regular public display of seriously anti-American sentiment and incitement to take action against our nation and its institutions. Blogging at Ringo's Pictures, the blogger Ringo provides scores of remarkable photographs detailing the events at the annual May Day parade held in downtown Los Angeles on May 1, 2011. The images are frightening and illustrate the latitude we have allowed serious hate-groups and espousers of virulent anti-Americanism to move about freely and publicly call for the overthrow of the American political system. Right smack in the middle of the reds we find a passel of disheveled, seriously overweight thugs from Barack Obama's favorite...(Read Full Post)