Top jihadist leader killed in drone strike

Ilyas Kashmiri was operational commander for a Pakistani terrorist outfit known as Harakat-ul-Jihad-Islami, that operated mostly in India and Kashmir the last decade. The group had ties to al-Qaeda as well as other Pakistani terrorist organizations, including the Taliban. He was at one time sanctioned by the Pakistani military so it is not surprising that we caught him in the open in South Waziristan: Kashmiri was killed, along with some aides, in a strike at 11:15 p.m., spokesman Abu Hanzla Kashar said. "The oppressor U.S. is our only target and, God willing, we will take revenge on the U.S. soon with full force," he said. A senior Pakistani military official said that in all, nine were killed by the drone strike. The official reiterated that they had not confirmed Kashmiri's demise. Kashmiri, who was known to operate in North Waziristan, had moved to South Waziristan and was seen at the site of the attack on Friday, the official said. If confirmed, his death would be the first major...(Read Full Post)