The widening racial divide of the Obama era

Contrary to the expectations of most pundits, the election of Barack Obama has aggravated the racial divide in America between blacks and all other racial groups.  Seth Forman has an insightful column in National Review that concludes Barack Obama has hardened black political segregation. Far from bringing black and white together, as he promised to do in his famous 2004 Democratic National Convention speech and that was implicit throughout his 2008 campaign, his policies since assuming the Presidency have led to racial polarization. Forman: It's not just the punditry that overpredicted the soothing qualities of Obama's presidential salve. Average citizens have also been chastened. A Rasmussen poll in October of 2010 found that just 36 percent of voters said relations between blacks and whites were getting better, down from 62 percent in July of 2009. Forman points out that Obama's political palaver about bringing people together when he was on the national stage was belied by...(Read Full Post)