The Trojan Elephant

Jon Huntsman has been an announced candidate only two days, but if the surprises keep coming the liberal media will be hard put to save the candidate they favor to run against Obama. Libs love him because they figure he's the Republican most easily defeated by their beloved One in the general election. But...Verum Serum has surfaced a Global Climate Solutions Declaration that proclaims this. Based on conclusive scientific evidence, we recognize that global climate change is a grave threat to our people, our environment, and our respective ways of life. Therefore, we resolve to act quickly to stabilize the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases to avoid the resulting catastrophic impacts to the world's ecosystems, oceans, water supplies, infrastructure, food production, and human health. The magnitude and urgency of the challenges in stabilizing the climate will require an unprecedented level of collaboration and cooperation among all levels of government...(Read Full Post)