The Broussard Interview: Was Weiner's sexting partner an innocent bystander?

The 26-year old mother Meagan Broussard involved in the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal told Sean Hannity Tuesday that she sent pictures of herself to the congressman: ...he did have photos of me, not risky photos, nothing, you know, rated R. But still, anybody can get those photos and leak them, and that's my life, and my personal life...There's PG-13 ones, but nothing that I would ever be embarrassed about. But do I want it splashed all over? No. But it probably will. What?? I'm pro-woman and anti-misogynist all the way but sometimes females have to take responsibility for their own behavior. There is so much ugly, heinous sexism out there that Sean Hannity's handling of Broussard as an "innocent" bystander on June 7 makes light of the injustice done to real victims. Throughout the interview the single mother acted as though she was a child and had no control over the situation. When Hannity asked her if it was "surprising" to be caught in the "media whirlwind" Broussard...(Read Full Post)