Terror plot foiled in Seattle (updated: DOJ's curious press release)

Two homegrown jihadis have been arrested for plotting to shoot up a military entrance processing station (MEPS) in Seattle. Seattle Times: Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, also known as Joseph Anthony Davis, 33, of SeaTac, and Walli Mujahidh, aka Frederick Domingue Jr., 32, of Los Angeles, appeared in U.S. District Court in Seattle on Thursday on charges alleging they purchased machine guns and grenades from a paid police informant earlier this week as they moved into the final stages of planning an attack they hoped would inspire an uprising among radical Muslims in the United States. Mujahidh arrived in Seattle from Los Angeles on Tuesday and he, Abdul-Latif and the informant went to lunch, according to details contained in a 38-page complaint. The men discussed details of the attack, including where they would hide the weapons. The informant predicted, according to the complaint, that the case would make the news, and Mujahidh "described the imaginary headline of a newspaper article:...(Read Full Post)