Syrian tanks and helicopters attack civilians

As long as NATO is involved in Libya, President Assad of Syria has little to worry about. There is not chance the UN will approve another "R2P" missions - despite Assad's war crimes now being shown to be far worse than Gaddafi's. Syrian troops, supported by tanks and helicopters stormed a city on the Turkish border where demonstrators had been protesting Assad's rule for weeks: Rights activists in Syria say troops backed by tanks and helicopter gunships have launched a heavy assault on a northern city near the Turkish border, as nations across the globe are condemning the government's brutal crackdown on protesters. Activists say the army attacked Jisr al-Shughour Sunday from two sides. Witnesses heard blasts as the army moved into position inside the town. Syrian state media say government troops entered the city after defusing explosives planted by gunmen on roads and bridges. The government has accused "armed gangs" in Jisr al-Shughour of killing security personnel, and it says...(Read Full Post)