Spewing Red Ink, Red Tape and Red Politics

Thursday's Ramirez cartoon in IBD has a fountain of red ink spewing from the top of the Capitol. If it had been spewing red tape it would have highlighted an equally serious problem. The Obama administration had successfully shunted the red tape issue to the sidelines after Obama made a speech talking about purging redundant, contradictory and "just plain dumb"  regulations and appointed his rule monger in chief  Cass Sunsteirn to oversee the great regulatory "new age" purge of business stifling regulations.  Then, two weeks ago, Sunstein wrote a self-congratulatory article in WSJ touting the great strides that have already been made. Over the past four months, government agencies and departments have combed through their rules, listened carefully to the public, and developed plans to identify what works and what doesn't. The results of this review are in. Today, 30 agencies are laying out regulatory reforms that will save private-sector dollars and unlock economic...(Read Full Post)