Spanish protestors decry 'austerity' measures

They call themselves "The May 15th Movement" because that's when the protests against the government's desperation measures to get a handle on the country's huge debt. They make it pretty clear that they not only want the government to cut somewhere else, but that capitalism itself is the culprit. CNN: A throng of riot police stood by to protect the national parliament, days after violent scuffles occurred between demonstrators and police outside the Catalonia regional parliament in Barcelona last week. "This capitalistic system doesn't work. It's an unfair system and a lot of people are in a very bad situation, without money," said Eva Fernandez, a social worker who was marching with the "northern" column down Madrid's main boulevard, la Castellana, on Sunday. Protesters on June 12 dismantled a sprawling tent camp in Madrid's central Puerta del Sol plaza, nearly a month after it sparked large nationwide demonstrations and similar encampments in other cities to demand changes in...(Read Full Post)