Romney Far Removed From Average Americans

The gulf between regular Americans and politicians on both sides of the aisle seems to keep growing wider and wider. Presidential contender and multi-millionaire Mitt Romney laughed and pandered for votes at a Tampa coffee shop as he chatted with out-of-work Floridians. "I should tell my story," Mr. Romney said. "I'm also unemployed." "Are you on LinkedIn?" one of the men asked. "I'm networking. I have my sight on a particular job." Coming on the heels of President Obama's "shovel-ready" joke earlier in the week, most 2012 voters hearing this must be wondering how seriously disconnected these candidates are from real citizens. Someone should tell Mitt Romney there is quite a difference between a hard-working American that's been laid off and needs a job to keep their home and feed their family, and a financial goliath/former governor that decided to quit his other business ventures to run for president. Has he really gone through his savings, 401(k) and his children's college savings...(Read Full Post)