Ramping Up to Another Jihad Genocide in The Sudan?

There is a refreshingly honest -- and alarming -- piece by Alan Boswell writing for Time on the accumulating evidence that yet another jihad genocide may be under way in The Sudan -- Arab Muslim mass murderers preying upon indigenous non-Arab, primarily Christian black, this time in the Nuba Mountains. Sudan's history is strewn with cases of mass atrocities against non-Arabs in the south and north, with Darfur being only the latest; reports in recent weeks from Sudan's South Kordofan state suggest history could be repeating itself yet again. There, members of a minority, opposition-aligned African ethnic group are being slaughtered "like animals,"in the words of one alarming church statement. The diverse tribes live in a rugged land of mud-hut villages called the Nuba Mountains. So far, besides an aerial-bombardment campaign against the Nuba areas, the targeted killings against them have been mostly confined to the major towns, as tens of thousands flee into the hills where, for...(Read Full Post)