Pointing Fingers at Weak Fields

Normal Americans are paying about as much attention to the 2012 elections as they are the next census.  And who can blame them? 17 months is, well, 17 months away. There are two full summers ahead to plan for with vacation getaways, hitting the beach, fishing, and tending to their own lives.  For the vast majority of normal Americans, little if anything political enters their own lives.  A man from the government does not gently wake us up in the morning, make our coffee, take out the trash, nor drive us to work.  Government does not help us with our daily work and there is no government program that makes anyone's day go faster or the inbox go lower.  Government does not grocery shop for us and it does not walk our dogs.  It does not cook our dinners, clean out our garages, do the laundry, or shut off the lights at the end of the day.  The government has no real bearing on most American's daily lives.  And that is the blessing of liberty. But...(Read Full Post)