Perry will be targeted by Ambulance Chasers

In his appearance with Neil Cavuto on FOX News today, Rick Perry telegraphed which issue may separate him from the herd of Republican candidates if he enters the presidential race: tort reform. He mentioned it at least four times-I wasn't counting and the realization didn't come until the interview was over. Perry stated, then reiterated, that successful tort reform had played a major role in the Texas economic renaissance by establishing that state's reputation as a business-friendly environment. He pointedly mentioned the important role medical technology and research were playing in Texas' economic growth, an industry that is frequently victimized by ambulance chasers. He then rang the Liberty Bell of Legal Doom by saying that tort reform nationwide is essential in any successful campaign to turn the American economy around. Those words had to peal and reverberate ominously throughout  the Democratic Party's biggest herd of cash cows, trial lawyers. Want to bet there aren't...(Read Full Post)