Perry: It's a go?

Matt Lewis is reporting that his sources in Texas are telling him that there is a "90% chance" that Governor Rick Perry will run for the GOP nomination for president: Dave Carney and Rob Johnson -- the former top Perry aides who on Thursday left Newt Gingrich's floundering campaign -- are said to be heading to Texas soon to join in on preparations for the run. I am told this is now "ninety percent likely to occur." Additionally, Perry allies have begun holding meetings in the state and have been instructed to quietly reach out to contacts in early primary states. The stars may have finally aligned for Perry, who, until recently, said he had no intentions of seeking the nomination. With no clear front runner emerging, and with Gingrich's campaign dissolving, Perry could enter the field as a top-tier candidate, surrounded by the same team that helped him defeat Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison last year in the Texas gubernatorial primary. And because Texas leads the nation in job...(Read Full Post)