Obama's troubled personal relations with foreign leaders

Carrie Budoff Brown writes in Politico that President Obama has very poor personal relations with most world leaders. Even worse, the one leader whom he "respect[s] and admire[s] is anti-American and anti-Semitic: Obama's demeanor on the international stage may be more appealing to Europeans and others irritated by Bush's cowboy persona, but in terms of the one-on-one relationship building that can be a potent diplomatic lever for any president, the Democrat is practically an introvert compared with his world-class schmoozing predecessor.... More than two years into his term, Obama cuts the image of an all-business envoy, seldom going outside normal business hours to turn on the charm with other heads of state. He appears to have built few deep personal bonds with foreign leaders, and his forays into public diplomacy -- a burger run last year with Russia's Dmitry Medvedev and a game of Ping-Pong last month with Britain's David Cameron -- are notable for their rarity.... Obama rarely...(Read Full Post)