Obama's economy: three strikes

When Mort Zuckerman of US News says things are bad... then we are beginning to see at least some of the legacy media wake up and shake off the mental stupor they have been in for the last three years. For now, anyway, Mr. Obama is losing not just the center, but the center left.  Let me rhetorically ask the reader a question that Zuckerman's piece seems to beg:  has anything done by the Obama administration worked as advertised or even worked at all? Anything? But why would we expect anything different when the administration has larded government with Marxists, Trotskyites, and a whole host of leftist academics and intellectuals who have never been responsible or capable of executing a workable business plan.  Not only is unemployment continuing to stay too high, there are many indicators that the rate is significantly worse than 9%.  The U6 rate is close to 16%, but this still does not reflect the absolute numbers of people walking away from the work force...(Read Full Post)