Obama sides with Argentina, against Britain, in Falklands dispute

After visiting London last week and touting the "special relationship" between Great Britain and the US, the US decided to spit in the Brits face by joining an Organization of American States resolution calling for the two sides to "negotiate" the island chain's sovereignty. Britain does not recognize a question of sovereignty regarding the islands, having fought a war in 1982 with Argentina to decide that question. At that time, the US stood steadfastly behind Thatcher's England despite most of the world lining up on Argentina's side. Now it appears that our "special relationship" actually means zero. Fox News: Noting that President Obama just returned from a visit to London where he cited the U.S.-U.K. "special relationship," Heritage Foundation analyst Nile Gardiner said the U.S. should at least stay neutral on the Falkland issue. "British sovereignty over the islands is not an issue for negotiation. ... This is a slap in the face for America's closest friend and ally," he said,...(Read Full Post)