Obama camp knows he has a problem with Jewish voters

President Obama's gut-level identification with the Palestinians has become obvious to voters, including many habitual Democrat supporters in the Jewish community. Billionaire big donor Haim Saban very publicly announced he will no longer contribute to President Obama, signaling to other Jewish donors that it is time to bail on a president who publicly calls for 1967 borders as the basis for a settlement. This 30 second ad, produced by the Emergency Committee for Israel, is also giving heartburn to the Obamites, particularly because it uses pro-Israel Democrats to demonstrate Obama's position as out-of-step with the mainstream.   Publicly, the Obama camp will never admit to concern over Jewish voters and donors abandoning the Obama cause.  But this Washington Post op-ed titled "Obama's commitment to Israel," written under Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's name, is ample evidence that there is a growing sense  of concern in the Obama camp. A typcal excerpt:  As I...(Read Full Post)