Obama and Boehner: Golfing buddies

We've had a beer summit. Why not a golfing summit? Barack Obama and John Boehner will don their golfing duds and hit the links on June 18th. Does anyone else find it a little disturbing that the two leaders will be discussing cutting Medicare for old folks and other benefits for poor people while spending a leisurely afternoon touring a golf course? Politico: The game will be at a course in the Washington area, but exactly where - and the names of the other two duffers rounding out the foursome - are yet to be determined, a person familiar with the situation said. Word of the golf summit also came on a day when Boehner blasted the president for failing to get more directly involved in tense bipartisan talks over the budget and debt ceiling. "I think there's a lot of progress that's been made in the Biden talks," Boehner said of talks being led by Vice President Joe Biden. [Obama], he added "could take a more active role. He's had this hands off approach for the last several months...(Read Full Post)