Not another Texan? How about not another Ivy League Lawyer?

The liberal media are already tipping their hands as to whom they fear most as a Republican presidential candidate and it should come as no surprise that it's Texas Governor, Rick Perry. And just as they did with John McCain back in 2008, they are showing that they are going to try to subvert the Republican primary process by promoting the Republican most likely to lose to Obama. One of their developing mantras to nip a Perry candidacy in the bud is, "Not another Texan," hoping of course to reignite Bush Derangement Syndrome as Rush Limbaugh is pointing out. And why is it the liberals so fear Perry? Could it be because no other Republican candidate's record contrasts as starkly with Obama's string of failures as Rick Perry's Texas successes? Could it be that no other Republican candidate's policies are as diametrically opposite those of Barack Obama's Big-Brother, centralized national government as Rick Perry's forcefully stated and defended positions on states' rights and the 10th...(Read Full Post)