Newt's senior staff bail out

The most important members of Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign have resigned today. Via Politico, the departed include: campaign manager Rob Johnson, strategists Sam Dawson and Dave Carney, spokesman Rick Tyler, and consultants Katon Dawson in South Carolina and Craig Schoenfeld in Iowa have all quit to protest what one called a "different vision" for the campaign. Newt vows to restart his campaign this Sunday in Los Angeles, where he is scheduled to address the Republican Jewish Coalition. Is he putting on a brave face, denying the inevitable? Following his "right wing social engineering" faux pas, I suspect that fundraising has been anemic. Mr. Johnson managed Texas Governor Rick Perry's campaign, so there is a possibility the with rumors mounting that Gov. Perry will enter the presidential sweepstakes,  Johnsons and a few others may form the core of his campaign staff. Gingrich's former national campaign co-chair, former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has already been...(Read Full Post)