Monique Lawless is tough on crime

When will things turn around?  There is so much crime and corruption these days it seems hopeless.  How can we change direction and restore our nation to greatness?  Like Peter Finch's crazed anchor man in the motion picture Network, we're "mad as Hell" and we're "not going to take it anymore!"  The question remains, what can any of us do to stem the tide?   This past Sunday Monique Lawless showed three shoplifters that she's not going to take it anymore.  The Houston Chronicle reports that the diminutive 42-year-old mother of two from Alvin, Texas witnessed three young men shoplifting three cases of beer from the local Walmart when she sprang into action.   Lawless, an engineering safety specialist at Boeing, was in like at the Alvin Walmart Supercenter just before noon Sunday when she saw the men enter the store and quickly leave with the beer.  She informed the sales clerk, who waved at a Walmart greeter to stop them.  He briefly...(Read Full Post)