Libya, the test case

Libya was the first use of the recently passed UN Resolution 1973 -- "The Responsibility to Protect" concept that got NATO to bomb the Colonel.  On the surface, it appears to be a humanitarian resolution. However in the hands of the Hungarian  revolutionary philanthropist and his puppets in the Democratic Party, it becomes a tool to remove any government that resists his one world government push. This is his fifth time honing his skills at taking down governments around the world. But this time he has acquired, via President Obama, the legitimacy of the United Nations  and the power of NATO to do the heavy lifting.  The Congress is apparently not aware of the sinister uses of UN Resolution 1973. Sovereignty issues are being blatantly ignored by the United Nations, as allowed in the resolution. The UN is on board for the one world government concept since they will be the main beneficiaries. We can see the Congress' confusion that the mission seems to have...(Read Full Post)