Let's have a Light Bulb Party!

Yesterday I was talking with a colleague about the federal ban on incandescent light bulbs.  A light went off in my head (if you'll excuse the term). Let's have a Light Bulb Party! Wouldn't it be grand if tens of thousands -- hundreds of thousands, even -- marched on the White House and the Capitol Building carrying "green energy" bulbs, the ones with mercury, and at a set time everyone threw the bulbs onto the lawns of these taxpayer-owned buildings. We could even march on the Environmental Protection Agency, do the same, but everyone at once would exhale spewing great amounts of CO2 towards the EPA building hoping agency employees would literally gasp at the fumes and the sight of such insolence and disobedience to the sovereign bureaucrats.  Don't forget to load up on the garlic. The only real question is whether participants in the Light Bulb Party would be arrested for littering or under some federal criminal law against organized toxic...(Read Full Post)