Kucinich says Syrian press 'mistranslated' his effusive praise of Assad

Sure, sure Dennis. We understand. Happens all the time. Those stupid Arabs never get anything right. Um...one question: How could a story written in English "mistranslate" your English words? David Kenner: As my officemate Joshua Keating points out, the Assad regime was quick to exploit Kucinich's visit for political gain. The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quoted him as saying that Assad "is highly loved and appreciated by the Syrians," and warning darkly about "some who want to give a wrong picture about what is going on in Syria." But Kucinich said in a statement that SANA's story didn't accurately convey his remarks, though he refused to accuse the Syrian regime of willful distortion. "Arab-speaking friends accompanying me have explained that the problem may have come from a mistranslation," the congressman wrote, noting the problem may also have stemmed from "the degree of appreciation and affection their state-sponsored media has for President Assad." "Given the...(Read Full Post)