John Huntsman, meet Karl Rove (updated)

In today's Wall Street Journal, Bush 43 advisor Karl Rove lists four reasons why President Obama is unlikely to be reelected.  Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman seems focused on Rove's third reason, while foolishly ignoring Rove's equally important fourth reason. Backing up a bit, Rove's first reason is, predictably, the sluggish US economy and its high unemployment rates.  However, as AT recently pointed out, the unemployment rate at election time is an unreliable predictor of voting behavior.  The improvement from March to September is a far better predictor, and this summer's falling oil prices could boost the economy just enough next year to take that issue away from Republicans. Rove cites the disenchantment of the president's base as his second reason for Mr. Obama's likely defeat next year.  But that too, might be temporary.  Like women suffering Battered Wife Syndrome, most far-left Democrats return for more abuse.  Republicans' best...(Read Full Post)