Israel Law Center Stops 'Audacity of Hope'

As of now, the Audacity of Hope, a US to Gaza vessel with 50 passengers, reporters and crew, are trying to join an international flotilla to break the Gaza coastal blockade, but are being detained in a Greek Port. There have been many attempts at stopping this US ship from pursuing this journey, including US and UN warnings that their participation may be a violation of American criminal law, and the consequences are in their hands. The US does not support this flotilla and will not protect them. During the past few months, the Shurat Hadin, Israel Law Center, began a civil law suit against the organizers of the Audacity of Hope for Dr. Alan Bauer, a Harvard-educated biologist and terror victim injured in a 2002 Jerusalem bombing.  It is this firm that now reveals that they had anonymously made a civil complaint to the Greek harbormasters that the vessel is unfit for the journey and accuses the organization of aiding terror.   One of the passengers, the outspoken Ann Wright,...(Read Full Post)