Irradiate the Manure in 'Organic' Farming

Imagine if McDonald's Corporation had randomly killed people throughout Europe because of poison traced to its fast food? Liberal outrage and calls in the press for recompense and new safety-measures (if not outright banning of Big Macs) would be loud and unceasing. Yet repeated deadly outbreaks of Eshcerichia coli infection that are traced to "healthful" bean sprouts from "organic" farms are hardly noticed except as being somehow a failure of government inspections. According to the New York Times, in the recent "organic" incident in Germany many more people have died than have ever been harmed by, say, the nuclear power industry. "In addition to the 30 deaths in Germany, one was reported in Sweden." However no one is held to account in this Times reporting of the incident. Where are the mass protests by "Greens" in Germany over the proven deadly "organic farming" industry? The answer, of course, is that Organic Farming -- which relies upon animal fecal-matter as natural...(Read Full Post)