In TX school district, say 'Amen' and go to jail

Clinton appointee Chief U.S. District Judge Fred Biery lowered the gavel on Medina Valley Independent School District in Texas, prohibiting traditional prayer at graduation.  Judge Biery's order is so strict students are forbidden to use words like "prayer" and "amen."   Agnostic parents Christa and Danny Schultz filed a lawsuit because they were worried that if their son Corwin were to be exposed to prayer at graduation the lad would "suffer irreparable harm." Therefore, in the interest of shielding the youth from exposure to permanent injury, Judge Biery declared the graduation a prayer-free zone.    Ayesa Khan, the attorney representing the Schultz family, "was delighted in the judge's decision."  According to Ms. Khan, concern over exposure to religious prayer caused her client "a great deal of anxiety."  So much so that young Schultz had previously "gone to meet with the principal to try and talk in a civilized way about long-standing problems."...(Read Full Post)