Imported from Detroit...Misguided Marketing

With what I consider one of the dumbest advertising campaigns ever, Chrysler kicked off 2011 with a Super Bowl ad employing the truly irritating slogan: Imported from Detroit, and a white rapper, all paid for by the way with taxpayers' bail-out money. The last time anyone checked, that unfortunate metropolis was still located within the geographic confines of the USA although it can be arguably opined that it is being governed as a Third-World despotism. Does it lend some cachet to Chrysler to imply their products possess some foreign chic that lends an exotic appeal not available to vehicles manufactured in Tennessee, Texas or South Carolina? I honestly don't get Chrysler's marketing intent but whatever it is, the perception out here in flyover country is that it is seriously misguided. By way of full disclosure, I own and drive two Chrysler products, a 2000 Jeep Wrangler I foolishly bought right off the spotlighted, rotating, circular, showroom floor in 1999 and a 2006 Sebring...(Read Full Post)