Howard Dean: Palin could beat Obama

Hard to tell if Dean is playing a rope-a-dope strategy - trying to convince Republicans to nominate what he considers a weak candidate - or whether it's his genuine political assessment. The Hill: Howard Dean, the former Democratic National Committee chairman who helped Democrats capture the White House in 2008, warns that Sarah Palin could defeat President Obama in 2012. Dean says his fellow Democrats should beware of inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom that Obama would crush Palin in a general-election contest next year."I think she could win," Dean told The Hill in an interview Friday. "She wouldn't be my first choice if I were a Republican but I think she could win." Dean warns the sluggish economy could have more of a political impact than many Washington strategists and pundits assume. "Any time you have a contest - particularly when unemployment is as high as it is - nobody gets a walkover," Dean said. "Whoever the Republicans nominate, including people like Sarah Palin,...(Read Full Post)