Have the Democrats Given Up on Governing?

Last year the Democrats had control of both Houses of Congress by large majorities and had their guy as president.  They had complete control of the federal government.  And they didn't pass a budget, probably Congress' most basic responsibility.  They had control of the government and they didn't pass a budget. This year, the House has passed a budget, but the Senate, still controlled by the Dems, refuses to pass one.  It has been over two years since the Senate, controlled all that time by the Dems, has passed a budget. Last Wednesday (June 20, 2011), Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin had a press conference, and, acting like two overripe students sitting in the back of an out-of-control classroom making snide remarks and throwing spitballs, opined that the budget problem was because Republicans wanted to sabotage the economy.  This from a party that for two years has refused to pass a budget. Why no budget from the Dems?  They don't want to deal with the...(Read Full Post)