Fiddling while Rome burns

"Unserious"  "Lacking basic leadership" Those are the candid descriptions of Mr. Obama provided to listeners this morning on WLS AM 890 radio by US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). On May 25th, Senator Johnson had sent the President a letter signed by another 22 Senators regarding our budget crisis and the debt ceiling. Joint Letter Calls on White House to Prepare Debt Ceiling Budget WASHINGTON- Yesterday, 22 Senators joined Senator Ron Johnson (WI) in sending a letter to President Obama. The letter calls on the Administration to develop a contingency plan, in case Congress rejects a debt ceiling increase. The letter stated: "We believe it is irresponsible to ignore the broken political system and the very real possibility that the debt ceiling might not be raised in time.  And we believe it is irresponsible not to develop robust contingency plans now - just in case... "We are calling on your Administration to immediately begin working with budget experts in Congress to allocate...(Read Full Post)