Exposing demonizers of shale gas

As readers of American Thinker may know, I have been a big proponent of  shale gas-a resource that in America is abundant, cheap,  located on-shore.  America developed the technologies that allow us to tap this bonanza: horizontal drilling and "fracking."  Companies can drill over vast differences and then frack (crack) the shale rock that holds the gas.  Voila!  The price of gas has been plummeting for years as our natural gas supplies have soared due to shale gas (now 25% of our natural gas is from this source -- and it is climbing). Our chemical plants and factories are reviving because of this cheap feedstock; communities are booming where the exploration is enriching residents; consumers around the nation have benefited tremendously as their gas bills plunge. We may soon be in a position to export this bounty and reduce our dependence on energy from adversaries. Yet many liberals have tried to put roadblocks in the way of our developing this...(Read Full Post)