Dumb... dumber... dumbest... Wasserman Schultz

In the internet age, fact checking is not too hard to do. So the new DNC chair probably needs to learn that bald-faced lies won't cut it.  Then again, maybe Debbie Wasserman Schultz does not even know what is in Congressman Ryan's health care plan.  So she is either ignorant about what she speaks,  or too dumb to understand that her lies will be caught. Perhaps Wasserman Schultz can get some help from that other model  of veracity and uprightness,  Congressman Anthony Weiner. 

More evidence that the DNC may need to soon call back Howard Dean-Wasserman Schultz attacks the GOP for thinking illegal immigrants are here illegally.

And on the Weiner roll front:  Iowahawk demands that the Weiner hacker be brought to justice:  


2.  How is that Arab spring working out in Egypt? 

The new Egypt.  

The Egyptian economy is collapsing. This writer thinks more aid will help. I doubt it. And who will be running the show to see how all the foreign aid  is spent after the elections?  

Spengler on the collapse of the Arab spring:   The Sinai has become a lawless state of nature.

 The Administration seems strangely silent about those "reformers" in the Syrian government who murdered another 50 civilians yesterday. 

3. Walter Russell Mead on the dreamer (Obama) going down for the count.

Rick Richman has a useful suggestion: it is not enough for the U.S to say it will veto the Palestinians' gambit for U.N. declared statehood in September. Obama should get the Quartet to issue its own statement rejecting the PA's approach since it is entirely inconsistent with the Roadmap.   

Joe Klein, one of the great Obama wagon circlers, now writes for the  unread and unreadable Time Magazine.  Klein is unhappy with Bibi Ntetanyahu for taking on his President. CAMERA takes the diminutive Klein down another notch.

Some of the fools in the mainstream media continue to call Gaza occupied. Eugene Kontorovich, who will be on a panel with me at an RJC event on June 23, begs to differ  

And is the West Bank occupied?  

Here is an article from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach from 2009, that could have been written at any point in time since 2007: Obama and Israel: the coming storm.   

A far bigger storm lies ahead in 2013 if the American people make the same mistake a second time. 

Daniel Gordis speaks to a visiting J Street group in Israel. Some had to leave early to make sure they made it on time for the upcoming flotilla.  

4. What does the German decision to abandon the use of nuclear power, say about their commitment  to reducing fossil fuel use? Is the truth of the matter, that the Germans are really not that worried about global warming?  (hat tip Larry Greenberg)

5. Why is it so hard to change public policy  so that the people of a city or state benefit, rather than just the overpaid public employees?

6. For the serious readers, try these two: Stephen Balch on why we should study the West;  Wilfred McClay on the moral economy of guilt:

7. President Kennedy has received plenty of tributes for his hardheaded handling of the Cuban missile crisis. But he signaled weakness at every turn in 1961  in his dealings with the Soviets, which goes a long way to explaining why he Russians challenged him in 1962 in Cuba.  

8. Has the American university surrendered to the totalitarians in residence?  David Horowitz provides one example from UCLA

9.  This sure sounds better than spending $250,000 for 4 years for your kid to attend Indoctrinate U.