The Jewish video Obama doesn't want on the web

Mysteriously, the Office of the President has requested that a video of a Jewish singing group performing at the White House be removed from the web. reports:, in the Featured Video section, recently presented a video of the famed Maccabetas singing group performing for President Barack Obama at a reception in the White House in honor of American Jewish Heritage Month, the month of May. American Jewish Heritage Month pays tribute to the American Jews who have helped form the fabric of American history, culture and society.

As part of the entertainment at the event, the Maccabeats were invited to sing several songs. They also did an impromptu acapella chant, with beautiful harmonies, of  "Four More Years," which was the video posted on

The Office of the President, however, has asked that the video be removed from the internet and has acceded to that request.

It is not clear, though, why the Office of the President found the harmless, innocuous video of the Jewish acapella choir performing to President Obama's applause problematic.

Mordy Prus, a baritone with The Maccabeats, told that following the President's request, the group removed the video from Youtube. They then asked, which had hosted by the video on its own server, to remove it as well.

WTF? (by which, of course, I mean "Win the future?")

Maybe there is an innocuous explanation, but the ugly suspicion that Obama does not want anything "too Jewish" associated with himself from reaching Arab eyes inevitably suggests itself.

Hat tip: Esther

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