Dorothy Rabinowitz Dismisses Doomsday Talk about Big Government

Dorothy Rabinowitz is a smart, conservative journalist who has written for the Wall Street Journal since 1990.  In general I look forward to her columns, but today's effort, The Republican Who Can Win, is an example of conservative journalistic elitism, akin to what Tom Rowan wrote about yesterday in his analysis of Charles Krauthammer (and quoted on the air by Rush Limbaugh-way to go!) Rabinowitz's message: "The candidate would know Americans are more worried about their jobs and their savings than abstractions like 'big government.'" "Abstractions" like big government? What is abstract about the renewable energy surcharges in my electric bill, mandated by big government? What is abstract about the 42% jump in my health insurance premium, mandated by RomneyCare? About the micromanagement by big government of small everyday decisions, like what light bulb or washing machine I am allowed to purchase? About big government requiring licenses and inspections for an increasing...(Read Full Post)