Dems decide not to punish Weiner

Demcrats emerged from a closed door meeting of their entire caucus deciding not to strip Rep. Anthony Weiner of his committee chairs, or punish him in any other way. Contrast that decision with the GOP senate caucus booting Larry Craig from his leadership positions and making him a pariah on the Hill following his gay sex scandal in 2007. Wall Street Journal: Mr. Weiner has so far resisted calls for his resignation from party leaders, as well as a public shove from President Barack Obama Monday, who said that if he were in Mr. Weiner's situation, he would resign. The controversy poses a problem for Democrats. Many in his party want him to go so they can get back to putting pressure on Republicans over Medicare, gas prices and the economy. But Democratic leaders have no authority to force Mr. Weiner from his job, apart from an ethics-committee process that could take more than a year. The ethics committee could decide his behavior did not merit expulsion. For that reason, some...(Read Full Post)