Debating Islam Last Night

Previously, I have compared and contrasted Newt Gingrich's lucid understanding of the threat posed by Sharia supremacism, versus Mitt Romney's muddled apologetic on jihad. Last evening's (6/13/11) New Hampshire Republican primary candidates debate included a brief, but illuminating three-way exchange on Islam prompted by CNN moderator John King's query of Herman Cain. Cain and Newt Gingrich were forthright and informed. But once again, Mitt Romney did not acquit himself well, revealing an unacceptable, utterly inadequate knowledge of the extent of documented Sharia encroachment in the US (see here, and here), coupled to politically-correct platitudes. From the debate transcript: KING: While we're on the topic of faith and religion, the next question goes to Mr. Cain. You recently said you would not appoint a Muslim to your cabinet and you kind of back off that a little bit and said you would first want to know if they're committed to the Constitution. You expressed concern that,...(Read Full Post)