California budget circus gets even more bizarre

The nation's largest state (by population) is not only near bankruptcy, its government is doing a fine imitation of a banana republic, complete with a shoving and shouting match (video here) on the State Assembly floor Wednesday.  Last night, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the budget passed by his own Democratic Party, actually keeping his campaign promises to avoid budget gimmicks and tricks, which the Democrats had made liberal use of. This leaves the state, and the state legislators, in limbo. Some background: Last year, tired of nearly a quarter century in which the State Legislature failed in its constitutional duty to pass a budget by June 15, voters approved a ballot measure which allowed a budget to be passed by a simple majority vote, allowing Democrats (which have a seemingly permanent lock on majorities in both chambers) to avoid compromising with Republicans, who had been empowered by the previous requirement of a 2/3 vote for the budget.  In order to secure voter...(Read Full Post)