Boehner threatens to cut off funds for Libya

The speaker doesn't think that President Obama answered the questions put to him in a House resolution passed 2 weeks ago. In fact, John Boehner has apparently had it with the president's game playing with regards to our Libyan involvement: The White House says there are no hostilities taking place, yet we've got drone attacks under way, we're spending $10 million a day, [and] part of the mission is to drop bombs on [Libyan dictator Moammar] Gadhafi's compound," Boehner said. "That doesn't pass the straight-face test, in my view, that we're not in the midst of hostilities." The Speaker said the White House did not answer one of his questions - outlined in a letter he sent this week - as to whether the Office of Legal Counsel, an advisory entity within the Justice Department, agrees with its analysis of the 1973 War Powers Resolution. He said he wanted an answer to that query by Friday. White House press secretary Jay Carney said that the president "absolutely respects" Congress's...(Read Full Post)