Bobby Fischer Against the World

  Regular readers of American Thinker might pass on the documentary I'm recommending, but it's not primarily about chess.   Bobby Fischer Against the World (2011) is mainly about the psychology of a troubled mind. But it's also a sweet little slice of history. It touches on the Cold War rivalry between the Soviets and America, where America's David takes on the Soviet Goliath in the storied 1972 Reykjavík match between Fischer and Boris Spassky. It also treats Fischer's defiance of the travel ban to Yugoslavia in the 1992 rematch, which made Fischer a fugitive.   The flick is primarily about Fischer's demons -- his descent into mental illness. We see Bobby as a teenager when he became the American chess champion at age 14 and when he takes the world title at age 29. Then the film follows him through the downward spiral of his life, as he becomes involved in Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God (and then leaves the Church when Armstrong's prediction don't come...(Read Full Post)